Vacancies in Dubai – Highly paid job sectors in Dubai

Dubai has become one of the main destinations for foreign expatriates. Due to the luxurious lifestyle and tax-exempt wages, it has become a dream destination, especially for Westerners. Due to flexible economic arrangements in the region, many multinational companies have offices in Dubai.

If you are looking for a fresh start in Dubai, you will get a list of different high potential sectors for well-paying jobs in Dubai.

Jobs in the financial sector:

Due to the reality of Dubai’s thriving economy, many multinational banks are establishing branches in the region. As a result, professionals with financial training and experience have many opportunities and can find the best jobs in Dubai banks. People in the financial sector are paid very well for their skills and experience and Dubai has become a dream destination, especially for experienced banking professionals.

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Jobs in the oil and gas sector:

Like other Arab countries, the United Arab Emirates, particularly Abu Dhabi, has significant investments in the oil and gas sector. This industry needs a large pool of technical and experienced staff to carry out its activities and people with the right skills and training are well paid here.

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Jobs in the construction industry:

When you visit Dubai, you see that there is construction everywhere. It has been delayed for a while due to the financial crisis, but it is booming again and companies are recruiting more and more experienced engineering graduates. Thus, construction has also become one of the most lucrative sectors when it comes to high paying jobs in Dubai.

Jobs in the medical sector:

Due to major advances in various industries such as finance, oil and gas, tourism and construction, the importance of medical services has increased considerably. As a result, many medical opportunities are emerging and Dubai is attracting a large pool of medical specialists and medical personnel, particularly from developed countries. This field has also become one of the highest-paid sectors.

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Information Technology Jobs:

IT is a requirement for any established business. Growth in other sectors also had a positive impact on the IT sector. Many IT professionals move to Dubai and take advantage of well-paying jobs in IT companies.