The 20 Best Restaurants in Paris

No one can refute the fact that Paris is the center of cuisine excellence. The French capital buzzes with a brilliant constellation of modern restaurants and exceptional chefs. You can get food of various kinds from all over the world here. If you want a restaurant to take some breakfast, lunch or dinner, here are 20 best restaurants in Paris that you can consider.

  • Septime Restaurant

Septime restaurant is one of the modest restaurants in Paris. If you are looking for the best of the best, this is an excellent restaurant for you.

  • Comice

Comice restaurant boasts itself of inventive contemporary French cooking that meets everyone’s tastes. The restaurant also features some of the lesser-known wines such as Hananovas wine. It is mostly suitable for groups.

  • Bouillon Chartier Montparnasse

This is one of the unique Parisian type of restaurant that offers one of the best mouthwatering delicacies at affordable prices. For instance, value-priced dishes such as roast chicken only goes for nine euros. The list is endless.

  • Piero TT

At Peroo TT restaurant, the menu debuts with classic and unique dishes such as raw cuttlefish. Besides, Boralo vinegar and crispy rice are what defines the restaurant.

  • Astrance restaurant
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Astrance restaurant is one where you can enjoy a variety of mouthwatering delicacies without breaking the bank. There are plenty of stunning dishes at affordable prices. Feel free to order buttery toothfish with white grape or tamarind sauce. You keep coming again and again.

  • Abri Soba

The Abri Soba restaurant is popularly known for its tempura shrimp and some tasty vegetables. Other than its affordability, the restaurant has well-trained chefs who know what you want.

  • Massawa Restaurant

Located in the 14th arrondissement, the restaurant specializes majorly on Eritrean foods that suit both vegetarians and meat-eaters. Some of the everyday dishes include injera and spicy lamb.

  • La Nouvelle Seine Restaurant

Looking for seafood? This restaurant will meet your tastes. La Nouvelle Seine Restaurant specializes in seafood from across the world. Some of the most incredible foods found here include salmon topped with mango and chives, roasted prawns among others. There are only a few restaurants that offer such foods in the city.

  • Hugo and Co restaurant

This elegant restaurant is located in the Latin Quarter. The restaurant’s menu is always full of various delicious items such as mascarpone cheese, savory pancakes, and walnuts, just to mention a few. It suits both meat-eaters and vegetarians.

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  • Ibrik Kitchen

This is one of the best Romanian restaurants in Paris. The restaurant menu is often full of traditional Romanian delicacies such as roasted brined beef known as pastrami. In addition, the restaurant has some of the best-qualified chefs in Paris.

  • Da Graziella

Bult on a spectacular architecture, Da Graziella Restaurant is not only attractive but also offers the best meals. It serves one of the best pizzas in the city.

  • Restaurant Passerini

If you are a pasta addict, here is a restaurant for you. Restaurant Passerini serves the best Italian meals and purveyor pasta. The restaurant Passerini is full of love and enjoyment.

  • Le Servan

Le Servan restaurant serves unimaginably impressive dishes. Think of a raw cattle fish with green mango, and you’ll find it here. Besides, the majority of the meals here are very much affordable.

  • Benoit Paris

You can never go wrong with Benoit Paris Restaurant. This classic restaurant has been around since 1912 hence a true staple of the city. It offers fantastic Parisian meals such as calf’s head with ravigote sauce, seafood delicacies, and pan-seared beef fillet.

  • Miznon

Miznon is a restaurant specialized for Israeli cuisine. It offers healthy and tantalizing meals such as cauliflower, lamb kebab, and potato pita bread. Visit this restaurant, and you’ll keep coming back.

  • Breizh Café
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For those craving for a good crepe, or first timers, Breizh Café will serve you in a manner you’ll like it. Located in a warm environment, this elegant restaurant attracts thousands of visitors from across the world.

  • Restaurant David Toutain

This hotel provides contemporary French cooking. Besides, it has award-winning chefs who offer excellent services. People prefer this restaurant due to its reasonable prices as well as an extensive wine list.

  • Josephine Chez Dumonet

With lace curtains and bentwood chairs, this restaurant offers lots of comfort for its guests. Besides, there are plenty of delightful and churning French delicacies. Some common foods include simmering meat, boeuf bourguignon, among others.

  • Ze Kitchen Galerie

The restaurant is specialized in Asian foods as well as French cuisines. You are likely to get foods such as shrimp ravioli and tamarind sauce as well as white chocolate.

  • Perruche

Located on rooftops of the Printemps, the restaurant offers an ideal place for relaxation. Also, its prices are incredibly affordable despite providing top quality services.