Jobs Without A Diploma – Top 5 Choices And Six-Digit Jobs Without A Diploma

Are you looking for a six-figure job without a diploma? Not everyone can afford a university these days. And if you have to work, you may not have the time, even if you can afford it. A six-figure income is a great goal, and you probably thought that four years of time and tuition would be your only ticket.

Air traffic controller

The job of air traffic control is just as stressful as in the movies. This job requires extreme concentration, excellent memory and incredible decision-making skills. There are many different paths to a career in this field. All applicants must undergo training in Oklahoma City, Okla. At the centre of the FAA. Training and testing are strict and can take several months. Many opportunities are expected as the BLS anticipates a wave of retirements soon.

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Nuclear reactor Operator

You will most likely start as a machine operator, gain experience and obtain a license from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and then end up occupying a higher position to earn this 6-digit income. That means years of experience and a good reputation and also a solid history of working in the field to go up and down. This task is a very high pressure and stressful and you are even responsible for the equipment which directly affects the flow to the reactor.

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Security Director

Another job without a diploma required. If you have the confidence to handle the worst possible scenario or have the right strategies to avoid it, this could be the job for you. You are responsible for preparing for the biggest problems possible and for trained, equipped and well-managed staff ready to deal with them. Conditions can be dangerous, but there seems to be a lot of demand in the future.

Court reporter

Like other jobs that do not require a university degree, a court reporter takes great responsibility. You must have an accurate legal record of conversations, usually procedures. This position requires a lot of training which can be done through the NCRA or a technical school. Future openings appear important as the need for deaf captions and real-time translation increases.

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Internet entrepreneurs

More and more people are discovering that they can generate huge residual income, part-time at home and that they are building large corporate internet networks. Many young people create 6-figure income before they even graduate. Technological advances and the transition to the information age are behind this trend and should be the business of the 21st century. This profession generally doesn’t require any experience, but a good system, action plan and self-discipline are necessary to form a solid and solid 6-figure income.