Find The Best Luxury Accommodation In Brisbane To Stay On Your Vacation

Looking for convenience, comfort, style, and customer service during your Brisbane vacation, you shouldn’t complain.

Check-in at one of the fantastic award-winning 5-star hotels in the area: Best Luxury Accommodation In Brisbane

Brisbane Marriott Hotel

In the tradition followed by all Marriott hotels around the world, those in Brisbane have luxurious and spacious rooms equipped with the most advanced technologies, including large LCD screens and Internet connection. Guests also have the best view of the Brisbane River. The bedrooms have fluffy pillows, very soft and fluffy sheets and comfortable duvets to guarantee a good night’s sleep. At the door, you have the Treasury Casino, Chinatown and Queens Plaza. You can still dine at the on-site restaurant, although there are restaurants and cafes a short walk away.

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Brisbane Riverview Hotel

The South Shore is a popular destination in Brisbane for two things: the parks and the river. There is no better way to have direct access to these two than to stay in one of the closest accommodation options. Brisbane Riverview Hotel is a five-star establishment in the region. It is very close to the cruise terminal, where you can hire a charter or drive a CityCat which will take you across rivers and even to the nearby coasts of Sunshine and Gold. You can make full use of the alarm clock which also works as a radio and the iPod docking station. The restaurants serve the best Australian wines and the best steaks.

Emporium Hotel

Spend time alone during your vacation with your partner at the Emporium hotel. It is one of the few charming 5-star accommodation options in the region. Fans can participate in an exclusive wine and champagne tasting, while the ladies can be greeted by an elongated rose. The Tartufo serves the most delicious Italian dishes. Relax in the heated swimming pool and sauna or take advantage of light rates in the cocktail bar. If you need more choices for shopping and dining, you can head down to the Precinct Emporium and see what it has to offer.

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Hilton Brisbane

Hilton Brisbane seems to have the best food offer, not to mention that it is one of the most legendary hotels near the river. The hotel offers the most fantastic products from other regions such as South Burnett and other parts of North Queensland. The wines come from internationally renowned vineyards and wineries. The restaurant is managed by an elite culinary team. All guests can enjoy the buffet breakfast, a la carte lunch and dinner. However, they are seafood at the hotel every Friday and Saturday evening.

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Quay West Suites

It is the only top-rated apartment/hotel complex in Brisbane. It is well recommended due to its proximity to various tourist attractions such as the botanical gardens, monumental buildings and CBD shopping centres. All rooms are equipped with a fully functional kitchen and living room, laundry room and private balcony with panoramic views of the Brisbane River and the Botanical Gardens.