Evergreen Job Seekers – Top 5 Green Jobs In America

According to the United Nations Environment Program, green jobs or green jobs are tasks that help protect and conserve biodiversity and ecosystems. Green workers reduce materials, water consumption, and energy by increasing resource efficiency. These jobs minimize pollution and all forms of waste.

Below are the top five green jobs currently available in America.

1. Farmer

Do you know the shocking truth about farmers in America? There are only 2 million and their average age is 55 years. This market is looking for more workers locally and on a small scale, especially for young farmers who are familiar with organic production methods and avoid the use of pesticides and petroleum-based fertilizers. The American labor market has a capacity of ten million farmers. However, work is not as easy as it seems for some. Modern farmers must be skilled business people with knowledge of genetics and heritage marketing.

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2. Energy Efficiency Builder

In the United States, buildings are responsible for 48% of greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption. We are far behind the rest of the world in this area. Switzerland and Germany, for example, use 75% to 95% less thermal energy than a building constructed according to the American environmental code.

There is a huge opportunity here for one of the most important green building certifications today. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) has accredited over 43,000 professionals. As American standards tighten, the country needs a workforce of renovators to match its millions of engineers and architects.

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3. Urban planners

At the heart of the American campaign to reduce its carbon footprint. Planners will help us reduce our use of cars and encourage the use of bicycles. They will also strengthen mass transportation, limit sprawl, and help us plan for an unexpected heatwave, waste and floods.

4. Recycling Professional

Over a million jobs for recycling is available in America. A shocking number of people active in this field continue to grow. This is mainly because recycling remains the most economical alternative with high disposal costs. The rental in this sector will always be active.

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5. Solar installer

There are 770,000 jobs worldwide in the installation and manufacture of solar energy systems. The opportunities for this work are still relatively high and very rewarding. Currently, 3,400 companies still employ electrical installers – some 35,000 employees in one company! This employment will certainly promote the well-being of the environment and the economic sectors, as well as the employment prospects of skilled workers.