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Immigration Pathway – Canada & Australia have taken various steps when it comes to immigration goals

While the number of people who have moved to Australia in recent years has been steadily decreasing, a reverse trend has been observed in Canada. Given the statistical information on the working population in Australia and Canada, the Immigration Department undoubtedly plays a crucial role in the economic health of both countries. To get a

Basic Facts About Canada To Know Before Migrating

1. Canada is the second-largest country in the world (after Russia) in terms of landmass. Now in communication with the quiet ocean, the northern and The Atlantic Ocean (hence the slogan “sea to sea” has no meaning) is the longest beach (243,791 km). It includes ten states and the capital of Ottawa. Alberta (capital: Edmonton),

South Africa Simplified Visas And Work Permits – determine What sort of Visa Or Permit is true For You

  South African immigration regulations and criteria for fulfillment in South Africa as a holder of a visa or working papers could seem intricate to future employers and immigrants. There are five different categories for work permits only. With the transition from the united kingdom to some extent immigration system with Australia, this sort of